Profile - J Coggin

John Dos Passos Coggin was born in Annapolis, MD and currently lives in Northern Virginia. He has been a writer and environmental advocate for more than ten years.

He writes nonfiction and fiction. He has published many articles on film, music, books, politics, and public policy. In 2012, he published his first book, Walkin’ Lawton, an authorized biography of Florida governor and U.S. senator Lawton Chiles.



His environmental career began in 2003, when he interned for the Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources. Afterward he worked for League of Conservation Voters, the Environmental Finance Center at University of Maryland, David Gardiner and Associates, Astrum Solar, and Richmond Region Energy Alliance. He also worked as a clean energy communications contractor at U.S. Dept. of Energy. 

He is the maternal grandson of renowned American author John Dos Passos. With his family, he curates the John Dos Passos literary estate. He is committed to preserving the Dos Passos legacy of art, writing, and human rights advocacy.

He wrote the text for the official John Dos Passos website at and he currently maintains the site. His commentary appears in the 2015 Spanish documentary, Robles, Duel in the Sun. The documentary concerns John Dos Passos’ role in reporting on the Spanish Civil War and his friendship with Spanish translator José Robles.