Chilean Podcast on John Dos Passos

Awesome new Chilean podcast reading (in Spanish) one of author John Dos Passos’s best written, most inspiring letters. Written to his friend Rumsey Marvin in 1918. Encantado!

Here is an excerpt of that letter:

“Don’t worry about not having an aim. I felt the same way when I first went to college. It took me a good three years to get rid of family bred inhibitions before I realized exactly what I wanted to do. When I think how far I am from doing it I become terrified. Then too I suffer from a multiplicity of desires. I want to swallow the oyster of the world. I want to peel the rind of the orange. I want to drink the cup to the dregs—no—I want to swallow it and still have it to look at. I want to peel off the rind in patterns of my own making. I want to paint with the dregs pictures of gods and demons on the great white curtains of eternity.”

It can be found in The Fourteenth Chronicle, the marvelous collection of my grandfather’s letters and diaries edited by Townsend Ludington.