1. Kim slack

    Strip mining and mountian top removal are differnt. Strip mining followed along the edge of the mountian and removed a large Strip. Later the entire top (well, pretty much the entire mountian) was blown up and removed. Look at the satellite images on Google. It is very sad to have our mountains demolished.

  2. I grew up in Spring Hill and became friends with Dan in 1975. He sums up growing up there at the time pretty god. I remember hanging out, listening to music and talking about myriad subjects. I become politically aware for the first time during that period, largely in part due to Dan and his family. We went to WVU together and are still good friends to this day. I credit much of the sucess I’ve had in my professional life to the attitude I developed being around him and his family. They made me feel being an intellectual and being informed about our political leaders was cool and a good thing. I am grateful to this day for the positive impact knowing him has had on my life.

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