Mutt Spirituals

It’s a good day to read Derek Kannemeyer’s new book of poems. He has a true compass for word choice, rhythm, and tone. In evocative, romantic phrases like, “Behold the […]

John Dos Passos's Conservation Legacy

Consider this new, fascinating vignette about a little-known aspect of the John Dos Passos legacy–the large and historic bald eagle population at Dos Passos Farm.

Remembering Tayloe Murphy

Last week, I was heartbroken by the death of my very first mentor, Tayloe Murphy. He was a statesman, a family man, and a good friend. Men like him should […]

New Poem: "Dominic Talks Fountain Pens"

The literary magazine, Cathexis Northwest Press, recently published my poem, “Dominic Talks Fountain Pens.” I’m grateful. Below the text of the poem, I explain its origin.

New Annotated Manhattan Transfer

I’ve started digging into Donald Pizer’s new annotated version of Manhattan Transfer and it’s awesome. Here is a very helpful note on page 3 that explains the context of the title: “During this […]

The Campers at Kitty Hawk

This is a spectacularly innovative adaptation of John Dos Passos’s work. Enjoy this video of composer Michael Dellaira’s choral song based on Dos Passos’s biography of the Wright brothers in the […]